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ECG Enhancement Kit

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NIKOMED introduces the world's most innovative diagnostic tab electrode. REdesigned to outperform any other tab electrode on the market.

Healthcare professionals are questioning why this new Nikotab hasn't always been the industry standard. Here's why it is so REmarkable...
Two-layer design Until now, tab electrodes have always been a single layer, with adhesive on all but the tab. When the clip is attached to the tab, the electrode twists, turns, and even loosens, compromising your tracings.

Now, the new Nikotab features a two-layer design. The bottom layer adheres to the patient with only a small clear release tab at one end. The release tab remains untouched until the electrode is removed.

The top layer forms a center tab to which the clip easily attaches. This center tab design allows for superior adhesion and trace quality since the gel layer is never disturbed. The Nikotab remains completely flat and still on the patient, providing prefect tracings. Never a need to repeat!