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ProtoDerm® Pin Site Dressings
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ProtoDerm® Pin Site Dressings

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Reorder No. XSQ-10 5 boxes per case 10 sterile pouches per box Each sterile pouch contains 10 each, 1” x 1” slotted Xeroform Petrolatum Pin Site Dressings


Convenience One sterile package contains 10 each, 1” x 1” custom slotted pin site dressings. No need for having many packages of single dressings or having to handle and cut up xeroform dressing strips. Dressings pull apart easily from the main pad.

Time-Savings Nurses and patients report a significant reduction in the time it takes to change dressings. Pin site wound management can now be performed in a quick and effective manner.

Cost Savings ProtoDerm® is a fraction of the cost of some of the other dressings used for pin site and wire sites. ProtoDerm is less costly than buying Xeroform strip dressings and having to handle and cut them to fit the pins and/or wires.

Pin Tract Infection Rates May be Reduced By making it convenient and easy to use, patients are more apt to follow the prescribed dressing change regiment. Often, patients get discouraged when it is cumbersome and time-consuming to change dressings in the tradiionla manner.