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Packing Strips - Plain gauze 2" x 5 yd

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Packing Strips - Plain gauze 2" x 5 yd

MFG #60-2005

READY TO USE...Specially woven, ravel resistant gauze will not lint or fray

CHOICE OF TWO...Choose plain, or Iodoform

SAFE CONTAINER...Unlike other brands, Integrity's Packing Strips are packaged in lightweight, polyethylene containers that will not break or shatter. Vapor barrier cap and container keeps Iodoform moist.

Packing strips are designed for nasal packing as drainage wicks for boils and abscesses, for dental packing, or as packing for open or infected wounds. Used in the operating room, surgi-centers, oral surgery, nursing homes and emergency rooms. The �" size is especially useful in the dentist's office.

Unbreakable high density polyethylene bottles

Lightweight reduces shipping costs

Tamper proof seals

Safe storage

Longer shelf life

Selvage edged gauze


Ideal for packing and draining wounds

UOM: 12 bottles/case