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Xeroform 1" x 8"
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Xeroform 1" x 8"

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Xeroform 1" x 8"

MFG #24-3180

Xeroform Gauze is a sterile, non-adhering primary dressing with 3% Xeroform (Bismuth Tribromophenate) and USP Petrolatum in a blend, on a fine mesh gauze. Xeroform Gauze is packaged in convenient peel-open, tamper proof packages.

Xeroform Gauze is:

NON-ADHERING it clings and conforms to the wound without sticking. A comfortable, soothing, hypoallergenic dressing.

OCCLUSIVE Xeroform Gauze inhibits the loss of body fluids and helps to protect the wound site from contamination. A single layer provides effective coverage.

Because of Xeroform's deodorizing properties, it is an ideal dressing for open wounds, cancer resections, burns, donor sites, colostomies, urological, proctological procedures, and all surgical incisions. When applied to a non-draining, or lightly draining wound, Xeroform Gauze dressings provide a moist environment, conducive to wound healing.

Xeroform Gauze is designed to be used by all caregivers who dress wounds in: hospitals, clinics, burn units, operating rooms, emergency rooms, surgi-centers, nursing homes, physician's offices and industrial clinics.

UOM: 12 pkgs./box, 12 boxes/case