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Ferguson Safe Sleeping Bag

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Ferguson Safe Sleeping Bag

It is always easier when they are asleep so put them into a Ferguson Safe Sleeping Bag that they can’t tear up. If you use these for your SHU you won’t have to issue blankets and sheets that can be turned into troublesome “toys” by inmates.

A sturdy, completely washable, quilted sleeping bag with an extension for the head. Made of the same fabric as the Ferguson Safety Smock in use by prisons and jails for over a decade.

Exceptionally strong - constructed of two layers of nylon Cordura (three in the head rest area). Quilted bulk prevents being rolled into a useful cord. No hard fasteners to be swallowed or filed into weapons. No loops, ties, ribbing or edging to be torn off into strips. Nylon hook-and-loop fasteners ("velcro") are cut into short segments to prevent being torn off and used as a rope.

Outer two layers: Blue 1000 denier nylon Cordura. (Too strong to tear into strips) Quilt filler: 6 oz. polyester fiberfill. (Too bulky to be tied in knots or twisted into rope.) Stitching: The three layers are stitched together in one inch rows and heavy-duty nylon upholstery thread secures the edges. Headrest: No extra padding is added to headrest extension to minimize drying time. Dimensions: Approximately 80" around, 80" long Weight: Approximately 8 pounds.

(Packaged: 1 Each)