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Rapid Response 120
PROMOTIONAL OFFER! Recieve a FREE Rapid Response 120 urine analyzer with the purchase of 15 bottles of Rapid Response 11 Parameters Ultra Urinalysis Reagent Strips. Call us for details!

Rapid Response 120
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Product Info :


  • Noiseless operation - Perfect for POCT setup!
  • Compact & lightweight - Allows for portability!
  • Auto-printer paper loading - Easy to manage!
  • Results ready in 30 seconds! - Saves time!
  • Free downloadable software - Store, analyze, & interpret results electronically!
  • Connectivity to the LIS/HIS - Automate your urine screening process!


  • Quantitative results - Eliminates subjectivity of interpreting results visually!
  • Based on modern CCD color image sensor - Ensures utmost accuracy!
  • Urine colour compensation - Results are not skewed by colored urine samples!
  • Auto-calibrates after each test - Ensures validity of your results!


  • Promotional Offer - Receive a free urine analyzer!
  • Rental & leasing options available - Choose the plan that works best for you!

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